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Tile Leveling System Complete Kit - everything you need for easy and stress-free installation


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500 clips + 200 wedges +1 pliers
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Tile leveling system Levelize is designed to make installation process smooth and error-free, prevent tile lippage, especially when dealing with large size tiles. Due to its design, a tile leveling system interlocks the tiles, ensuring that the surface remains even and flat yet it provides an equal gap for the grout on all sides of the tile. Clips can be easily removed with a rubber mallet. It can be used for tiles of various sizes and thicknesses 1/8" - 1/2". Tile Leveling System Complete Kit S include: 500 clips 1/16" 200 reusable wedges 1 FREE Installation tool (Value: $19.99) Installation tips: 1. Apply the floor compound (Mortar, Adhesive, Thinset, etc.) and lay the first tile. 2. Place 2 clips along each edge of the tile (about 2 inches from the edge of the tile). 3. Place the next tile. 4. Insert the wedge into the clips and tighten it with pliers until the tile is leveled. 5. After the floor compound has completely cured (approx. 24 hours), remove the system by hitting it along the joint with a rubber mallet.